Yak/Tussah Silk (50/50) 22 lb bump

Put Up: 22 lb bump

Country of Origin: U.K.

SKU: B670

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Tibetan Yak is a luxury fiber often compared to cashmere and camel down. Yak down is prized for it’s exceptional warmth and softness. Our European supplier has decades-long contacts in Mongolia, where they travel regularly to insure the quality of the yak fiber is top shelf. This Yak/Tussah 50/50 combination is what we use in the mill, blending with wools to spin into some of our most luxurious yarns. Without question, this fiber blend is hard to resist!

The micron count is typically in the 19-21 micron range for this product but it feels much softer. The staple length varies given yak’s shorter fibers and Tussah’s longer fibers but it averages approximately 2 – 2 1/2 inches on average. These bumps are typically in the 20.5-21.5 pound range.