About Us

In 2019, WSNE purchased a 100+ year-old worsted-system yarn spinning operation, specializing in a range of bulky-to-lace weight wool and wool-blend yarns for our commercial and wholesale customers. We benefit from numerous employees and advisors with 20+ years in the business, blending and bump/balling equipment, and a global network of fiber suppliers - many of whom have offered the highest quality wools and fibers to our mill for more than 30 years. At WSNE, we know fiber.

It seemed a natural fit to leverage our fiber market knowledge and connections to benefit wholesale fiber customers as well. Spinning yarn lots of 1,000#+, we have a wide range of 10kg fiber bumps in stock at all times. Our commitment is to source only the finest fibers for you. Our vision is to expand blends and other custom fiber offerings to help you further create and differentiate your own products. We will lead in our market only if you succeed in yours.

Combed white wool texture as background, closeup