Login Help for Former Worsted Spinning New England & Current WSNE Fiber Customers

If you ordered fiber with Worsted Spinning New England in the past year +, your email and some information about your company should already be uploaded into our site and the site should recognize you as an authorized dealer. You should be able to order fiber once you create a new password and update your account/company information.

Payment will continue to be through PayPal via credit card and we will be emailing invoices out after adjusting for bump weight. If for some reason your email is not recognized, please reach out immediately through the [email protected] email so that we can make the correction.

Steps to create a new password:

1. At the top right of the page, click on “Dealer Login.”

2. At the bottom of the Wholesale Login page, choose “Lost Password” (next to the Register button).

3. On the My Account page, enter your email address and then choose “Reset Password.”

4. Check your email for a password reset and choose “Click here to reset your password.”

5. Enter and re-enter a new password.

6. At the Login page, enter your email address and new password, then choose “Login.”

7. From your account dashboard, please review and update everything about your company as it appears we may have lost some of your information when transferring it over to the new site.

8. You're all set to order!